Mugwort Essential Oil

This oil has numerous medicinal values which are attributed to its properties. Its medicinal properties used in traditional medicine in China and Europe in treating various ailments. It was also used in black magic and witchcraft. Mugwort oil is extracted from the flowering tops, buds, and leaves of the famous mugwort tree. Some of the useful components obtained from this oil include cineole, alpha-thujone, camphene, camphene, and beta-thujone. This article is going to summarize the medicinal properties of mugwort  essential oil.

Anti-Hysteric and Anti-Epileptic

The relaxing and soothing properties of this oil are useful to both the nervous system and the brain. They are excellent in calming down the hysteric and epileptic attacks whenever they occur. It is also used in curing hysteria and epilepsy.


Mugwort oil is very effective in curing the various disorders caused by microbial infections and abnormal flow of the digestive juices. It also used in stimulating or regulating the flow of juices involved in digestion process thus facilitating digestion. Additionally, this oil is sued in curing digestive disorders in the intestines and stomach by inhibiting microbial infections.


This property is also great for helping the individuals suffering from renal failure, hypertension, obesity and renal calculi. It is also used in getting rid of the symptoms associated with gout, arthritis, and rheumatism. Being a diuretic, this oil helps in increasing the quantity and frequency of urination. This is helpful in removing the excess fats, salts, water, and other toxins such as uric acid might accumulate in the body.


This oil is used in toning of the nerves it is effective n curing various nervous disorders and infections. It also plays a significant role in strengthening your nerves. Additionally, mugwort oil is both a stimulant and a relaxant. It stimulates the nervous system thereby making the body more alert and active.


This oil is a powerful stimulant of the various systems and organs of the body. This helps in improving the functionality of the various body organs. It plays a key role in stimulating the secretion of the various hormones and enzymes from the glands. It is also responsible for stimulating the neurons found in the brain, respiration, palpitations, and menstrual discharges.


This oil is toxic in nature. It is therefore administered to children in mild doses to kill the intestinal worms. It has been proven to be very effective against tapeworms and roundworms. Such worms are known for hindering the process in which the body absorbs nutrients thereby making your body weak.