Choosing the best massage therapy for your health

Massage refers to the kneading and rubbing of joints and muscles using the hands to relieve pain and tension. The demand for massage services has been on the rise thanks to its benefits. This explains why the spas and massage parlors are sprouting everywhere. There are different types of massage; they include the Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu massage, and reflexology just but to mention a few. Let us look at the different types of massage and their health needs;

Different massage types

Swedish massage

fgdfgdfgdfgdgdgThe Swedish massage is a favorite type of massage that helps in relaxing the mind and body. This is achieved by using the long gliding strokes to rub the various muscles in the direction of the blood flow. The masseur uses the massage oil and applies light to hard pressure. The masseur may also use circular pressure, tapping, and kneading to ease the tension on the joints. Five strokes are used in this type of massage namely:

  • Long smooth stokes
  • Lifting, rolling and kneading
  • Small circular movements
  • Percussion
  • Shaking and rocking movements

This type of massage is common in the wellness centers, spas, gyms, and clinics. The Swedish massage is recommended when you are recovering from injury. It also helps in relieving mental stress and the circulation of blood.

Deep tissue massage

If you have problems with the connective tissues and the deeper layers of your muscles, then the deep tissue massage is an ideal massage for you. This type of massage targets explicitly the muscles knots and particular areas whereby the pain is being felt. The masseur uses slow and deliberate strokes of the muscles. It will also help in addressing the postural problems, injuries, repetitive strain, painful muscles, and the chronic pain. The pressure that is applied for this type of massage is more intense than that massage. If you have limited mobility, lingering injuries, and chronic pain then this massage is ideal for you.

Thai massage

dssfssdfsdfsdfsdfThis type of massage comprises of pressing massage movements, passive stretching, and yoga. It is the most energizing form of massage. Without the workout, this type of massage is similar to yoga. One of the benefits of this massage is that it aligns the various energies of the body. If you are experiencing back pain, have a migraine, and you do not have proper balance, then this type of massage is the perfect one for you.

Pregnancy massage

The prenatal massage is recommended for the expectant women since it aids in their relaxation and the flowing of blood. One of the most common problems that the pregnant women face is the swollen ankles and the lower back pains especially in the second and third trimesters of their pregnancy. Professional therapists know how to position and massage the pregnant woman. It helps them in resting comfortably and having a safe and normal delivery.

Sports massage

The sports massage helps in improving flexibility, enhances athletic performance, and helps in the prevention of injuries. This type of massage is used by all the athletes to recover and prepare for the various athletic events.